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This Category will show the thought process as well as a small section on all the paintings done on this blog. There will be some photos on how the basic stages are done as well.

Painting Panel

I showed my work to the review panel.

I have made a painting this month before a painting review panel. The panel loved my presentation (even thought I wasn’t prepared for it) and it was refreshing. It was the most passionate of all the presenters. The audience liked my presentation as well.

They loved my drawings but they told me to work in the comic book industry!?!?! It doesn’t make any sense at all.

They didn’t really comment on my painting style at all which was strange.

I think that the panel were looking for something more modern. Although to be fair, I was the only painter presenting as the other presenters were photographers. It was a mixture of painting and photography. I wasn’t aware until the last lecturer that I was the only painter that presented. It was strange.

What they did say was that my paintings tell a story like an illustration. It’s strange that my college also said that my paintings are more illustrative then paintings as such.

One of the panel suggested that I should be a visual storyteller with the paintings as a visual background. They said that I explained the paintings so well in the presentation.

They said I should improve on my order of images. I agree that it needed some order and flow. That was my fault about the order of the slides.

Oh well. When my parents heard the news, they weren’t too happy about the result and told me to continue painting.

These are the images that I showed to the panel.

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Slide numbers:

1. Hawaiian Face – Acrylics

2. Dahlia – Oils

3. Maori Statue (New Zealand) – Acrylics

4. Peacock – Acrylics

5. Small Fuchsia – acrylics

6. Work in competition Leaflet – National Autistic Society

7. Scratching Hand (competition submission) – Watercolour and Pen

8. Dark Rose – Acrylics

9. Dahlia – acrylics

10. Ganesha sitting – Watercolours and Pen

11. Ganesha standing – Watercolours and Pen

12. Modern take on Orchid – acrylics

13. Sunrise – acrylics

14. Tara – Watercolours and Pen

15. Lamp Plants – Watercolours

16. Sister Kolem – Mixed Media (click on Artwork photo for more details)

17. Close up sister Kolem – Mixed Media (click on Artwork photo for more details)

18. Angry Eye – Watercolour and Pen

What do you think of the work. Please comment on it.

Many thanks


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Latest Painting in July

Hi there.

In the last page, I showed you the outline of the painting. Now I will explain how I went about this painting. In this painting, I was relying on the sunlight but it was cloudy once I started painting the tones. So, thankfully I got an artificial light that my parents bought. I switched off the main light and painting in that light as the only source.

It kind of felt like it was the sunlight hitting the object. That way I can paint it during the night since I’m working on my other job during the day (see About Me tab). Then I coloured the main light source colour from the light and then I added the other bright colours to make a single colour object a bit more colourful.

I’m doing this painting as I had a portfolio panel on the first week of July and I needed to get this piece ready. Thankfully, I completed it before the panel process.

This is the final product. I hope that you like it. I hope that the judges will like it too

Latest Outline Painting in July

Hi there.

I have just uploaded a photo of an outline of my latest painting. This is based on a Hawaiian sculpture that my sister bought from her honeymoon. I wanted to depict an angry face just like in the wooden model. I usually outline the drawing in pencil but the camera can’t see it. So I decided to try something new which was to paint the outline in Acrylic (as you can see below) and then paint the whole picture (that will be the next post).

Here’s the outline and I hope you like it.