About Me


Hi Everyone. My name is Darshan Raja Rayan.

This blog will hopefully show case some of my most recent works in the categories of Painting, Drawing, Concept Art and Other Art and Design. I had been a freelance Illustrator for some time.

I hope to pursue a career in Concept Art for Video Games. I’m creating a portfolio at the moment.

I am producing some paintings in my spare time as well.

What I’m doing right now?

I work for a company called Hao2.eu. They are a social media company that helps people with autism or ASC (Autism Spectrum Condition). I have been working for them for 7 months now. Hao2.eu uses Second Life for people like myself to build 3D objects for various clients. The work is really good and I enjoy myself. I work at home as well which adds some bonus as well.

I hope that you will like this site once I had posted some of my latest works.

To view the main stuff, please go to my website on http://www.drayan.com

Thank you for looking at my blog.



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