Hi there.

It’s been a long time since I posted anything on WordPress. So I’ll update you. BE WARNED: it’s going to be a relatively long post.

Basically, I have been doing 2 courses during September and December last year, hence I didn’t have time to update my blog.  Sorry about that.

I have been doing a Hand Drawn Animation for Beginners at Central St Martins (I really enjoyed it even though it was tough) and an on-line course CGMW Environmental Sketching (It was tough but I got through in the end).

Here’s my first Lip Sync Animation that I did on the course. I have uploaded it on YouTube. Please tell me what you think (Please note that it’s very short).

My first Lip Sync

I have been working on my iPhone project (which will be the next post) in the planning stages.

I have been following a couple of blogs via WordPress and I’m really pleased to be following these groups and they allowed me to follow them (thank you very much).

I hope that this year will be a productive year for me.


I hope to achieve 2 dreams of mine (not this year):

Childhood: Work for Disney for a feature length hand drawn, animated film.

Teenager: Produce a 2D Pixel Platform or work for a Japanese game company (but I must learn Japanese in order live and work there. So that is out)


I hope to get started on the teenage dream by creating an iPhone game. That is the plan for this year for the most part. More details in the next post.

The childhood dream will have to wait until I practice animation via hand drawn and Flash.


I might do some paintings but I don’t know yet as life is too unpredictable at the moment. I’ll see what I can do for now. I’ll also produce some Concept Art work as well along the way.


Anyways, that’s all for this post for now. Thanks for reading this long post.


Many thanks



About Darshan Raja Rayan

I'm an Illustration and Animation Graduate. My parents want me to be a fine art painter.

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