Latest Painting in July

Hi there.

In the last page, I showed you the outline of the painting. Now I will explain how I went about this painting. In this painting, I was relying on the sunlight but it was cloudy once I started painting the tones. So, thankfully I got an artificial light that my parents bought. I switched off the main light and painting in that light as the only source.

It kind of felt like it was the sunlight hitting the object. That way I can paint it during the night since I’m working on my other job during the day (see About Me tab). Then I coloured the main light source colour from the light and then I added the other bright colours to make a single colour object a bit more colourful.

I’m doing this painting as I had a portfolio panel on the first week of July and I needed to get this piece ready. Thankfully, I completed it before the panel process.

This is the final product. I hope that you like it. I hope that the judges will like it too


About Darshan Raja Rayan

I'm an Illustration and Animation Graduate. My parents want me to be a fine art painter.

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