iPhone Project

Hi there,

I thought that I’ll write more about the iPhone project. I hope to create a retro game for the iPhone. I hope to follow the SNES or higher era as I still get a good kick when I play those games. I played my SNES games recently and I still enjoy them.

I really do hope that I could produce this game and launch it on the App Store. This will be a good time to learn programming from scratch as well as learn pixel art.

Before the year of last year (December 2011). I decided to make a plan on the list of things that I needed to do in order to complete this game. I have done the planning stage of it and I hope to execute the plan well. It’s going to be a long, difficult and challenging task to do but I’m going to do it anyway.

I only just realized my dreams sometime in 2011 and I rediscovered them.

At the moment, it’s just me working on this project. I don’t mind too much. I just hope that I could make this game before the iPhone goes out of fashion.

I’m very passionate about pixel and 2D gaming as it still gives me a good time when I play them. I recently did some tutorials in making pixel images and I really enjoyed it. I better keep on going with this thing.

I was hoping to produce some more artwork since I’m not taking any more courses at the present moment.

I have decided on the subject matter and device that I’m targeting for.

Now I need to get the story done along with the character designs, choose the engine and the game mechanics before everything else begins.

With the game engine. I have to decide between Cocos2D or Unity 3D.

Cocos2D is free but I have to practice a lot of code

Unity 3D is expensive. It costs $400 for iPhone engine and then $55 for the 2D Toolkit. I don’t need to know as much coding as most of it is pretty much done for me. It’ll cost about ¬£300 ($455) as I’m from the UK (currency rate can change at any point)

Anyways, that’s up to you if you want to vote. I would love to hear your feedback (you don’t need to leave your name if you don’t want to. It’s fine ūüėČ

I bought some retro pixel iPhone Games and I really enjoy them. I hope to create my own one and upload it to the App Store. I’m officially an Apple Developer since December 2011 and I hope to create this game. I hope that I could make a good game and people will enjoy it and have fun. If I could get it done by the end of the year, that’ll be awesome!

Alright, I better go to sleep as it’s nearly 1 o’clock in the evening (if WordPress said it an hour earlier, then it needs a clock change).

See you soon.

Many thanks




Hi there.

It’s been a long time since I posted anything on WordPress. So I’ll update you. BE WARNED: it’s going to be a relatively long post.

Basically, I have been doing 2 courses during September and December last year, hence I didn’t have time to update my blog. ¬†Sorry about that.

I have been doing a Hand Drawn Animation for Beginners at Central St Martins (I really enjoyed it even though it was tough) and an on-line course CGMW Environmental Sketching (It was tough but I got through in the end).

Here’s my first Lip Sync Animation that I did on the course. I have uploaded it on YouTube. Please tell me what you think (Please note that it’s very short).

My first Lip Sync

I have been working on my iPhone project (which will be the next post) in the planning stages.

I have been following a couple of blogs via WordPress and I’m really pleased to be following these groups and they allowed me to follow them (thank you very much).

I hope that this year will be a productive year for me.


I hope to achieve 2 dreams of mine (not this year):

Childhood: Work for Disney for a feature length hand drawn, animated film.

Teenager: Produce a 2D Pixel Platform or work for a Japanese game company (but I must learn Japanese in order live and work there. So that is out)


I hope to get started on the teenage dream by creating an iPhone game. That is the plan for this year for the most part. More details in the next post.

The childhood dream will have to wait until I practice animation via hand drawn and Flash.


I might do some paintings but I don’t know yet as life is too unpredictable at the moment. I’ll see what I can do for now. I’ll also produce some Concept Art work as well along the way.


Anyways, that’s all for this post for now. Thanks for reading this long post.


Many thanks


Secret teenage Dream

I have always secretly wanted to make a computer game made of pixels. Thanks to the iPhone, I can develop for the iPhone and share my idea across the world.

I hope to create a 2D platform game made of sprites like in the SNES/ Mega Drive (Sega Genesis to the Americans).
I have got a name of the game as well and made a blog dedicated to that as well. The blog will be revealed once I have got the final plot ready.

Of course I have got one problem. I don’t have any knowledge of game design and therefore I will have to learn it from scratch.

This will be the first game that I have ever developed in my entire life.

I have no idea when it will finish but I’m in the ideas stage at the moment. I’ll need to put in the man hours to make this really work.

New Drawing

Hi there.

I made some studies of a lion’s foot anatomy and a lion’s face. I hope you like it.


My website

I have just updated my Website. Go to http://www.drayan.com or click on Darshan’s Website (Under other links) on the right column


Painting Panel

I showed my work to the review panel.

I have made a painting this month before a painting review panel. The panel loved my presentation (even thought I wasn’t prepared for it) and it was refreshing. It was the most passionate of all the presenters. The audience liked my presentation as well.

They loved my drawings but they told me to work in the comic book industry!?!?! It doesn’t make any sense at all.

They didn’t really comment on my painting style at all which was strange.

I think that the panel were looking for something more modern. Although to be fair, I was the only painter presenting as the other presenters were photographers. It was a mixture of painting and photography. I wasn’t aware until the last lecturer that I was the only painter that presented. It was strange.

What they did say was that my paintings tell a story like an illustration. It’s strange that my college also said that my paintings are more illustrative then paintings as such.

One of the panel suggested that I should be a visual storyteller with the paintings as a visual background. They said that I explained the paintings so well in the presentation.

They said I should improve on my order of images. I agree that it needed some order and flow. That was my fault about the order of the slides.

Oh well. When my parents heard the news, they weren’t too happy about the result and told me to continue painting.

These are the images that I showed to the panel.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Slide numbers:

1. Hawaiian Face – Acrylics

2. Dahlia – Oils

3. Maori Statue (New Zealand) РAcrylics

4. Peacock – Acrylics

5. Small Fuchsia – acrylics

6. Work in competition Leaflet – National Autistic Society

7. Scratching Hand (competition submission) – Watercolour and Pen

8. Dark Rose – Acrylics

9. Dahlia – acrylics

10. Ganesha sitting – Watercolours and Pen

11. Ganesha standing – Watercolours and Pen

12. Modern take on Orchid – acrylics

13. Sunrise – acrylics

14. Tara – Watercolours and Pen

15. Lamp Plants – Watercolours

16. Sister Kolem – Mixed Media (click on Artwork photo for more details)

17. Close up sister Kolem РMixed Media (click on Artwork photo for more details)

18. Angry Eye – Watercolour and Pen

What do you think of the work. Please comment on it.

Many thanks


PS: Look at the post above

Latest Painting in July

Hi there.

In the last page, I showed you the outline of the painting. Now I will explain how I went about this painting. In this painting, I was relying on the sunlight but it was cloudy once I started painting the tones. So, thankfully I got an artificial light that my parents bought. I switched off the main light and painting in that light as the only source.

It kind of felt like it was the sunlight hitting the object. That way I can paint it during the night since I’m working on my other job during the day (see About Me tab). Then I coloured the main light source colour from the light and then I added the other bright colours to make a single colour object a bit more colourful.

I’m doing this painting as I had a portfolio panel on the first week of July and I needed to get this piece ready. Thankfully, I completed it before the panel process.

This is the final product. I hope that you like it. I hope that the judges will like it too

Latest Outline Painting in July

Hi there.

I have just uploaded a photo of an outline of my latest painting. This is based on a Hawaiian sculpture that my sister bought from her honeymoon. I wanted to depict an angry face just like in the wooden model. I usually outline the drawing in pencil but the camera can’t see it. So I decided to try something new which was to paint the outline in Acrylic (as you can see below) and then paint the whole picture (that will be the next post).

Here’s the outline and I hope you like it.

Hi There.

I have just added some new tabs to this WordPress

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog. This blog is about my art and design passion.


My website is http://www.drayan.com


I will need to update it big time